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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Notes on a crush

I can hardly believe it's been almost five years. My crushes usually last only a few weeks or months at most, so you know this one is highly unusual, and at least to me, very special.

If she sees this, I'm fairly certain she will know that it's about her. She knows about how I feel so it's not a big thing and I'm pretty sure she's OK with it too. Of course, she also has a bad memory so may not remember that I told her.

What first attracted me was her words. Her ability to put her thoughts down with such clarity, cleverness, intelligence, and wisdom had me hooked right away and the better I got to know her the more impressed I have become. She is also as attractive physically as she is mentally.

She makes me feel smarter, younger, better looking, and sexier that I really am and I find myself not wanting to disappoint her. I enjoy even the most mundane communications from her. She has always been open, honest and encouraging. I love the attention.

She doesn't crush on me the way I do on her and that's just fine. If she did, it would be a relationship, as opposed to a mere crush and it would have most likely ended a long time ago. I am quite content the way things are right now.

Naturally, having never lived with her before, there are many things I don't know about her and so my imagination must fill in the blank spots. I choose to fill them in with good things, and so while it may not be entirely realistic, It's what I choose to do... Hey! It's MY crush!

I had a friend tell me that a long distance crush is a waste of time and that it could keep me from “finding someone”. I disagree. First of all, our interactions make me happy. She has been a very welcome addition to my life. Secondly, as far as not “finding someone” goes. Of course I keep looking, and if I ever do, meet that someone special, she will be one of the first I tell, and she'll be happy for me. Above all things, we've become friends.

I've blogged about the before, and I have no problem with being in the “Friend Zone”. Truth be told, think it's a wonderful thing for a crush to mellow into a long term and mutually beneficial friendship. That is just how I see this one going.


  1. Aww, so lovely *smile*.


    1. Yes! It really is... Isn't it? I have met some of the most interesting people under the most serendipitous of circumstances. I love it when that happens.